Sex and the Filipina

October 4, 2006 at 8:30 am (Sexuality)


Its mere mention evokes various emotions and thoughts in a Filipina.

For the Filipina, in this new world, sex is always a topic some might shy away from. Thanks to our traditions and mind-set taboos, sex is often linked to things like evil, demonic and sin. While this old notion about sex is still present, more and more Filipina women are opening up to the topic. Generally, it’s still awkward for Pinoys to actually talk about sex. Sex as a topic will either stop a conversation or be a venue for exchange of ideas (and stories?).

A shift in how Filipinas view sex may be attributed to cultural influences and the overwhelming information they can get through different medias and of course, the internet. Sex is viewed as a normal physiological need, rather than a demonic act.

Gone are the days when one would be condemned for even mentioning S-E-X. Now, green jokes are abundant, more and more teens are into one-night-stands (I know some)… There’s this whole new view about sex in the Philippines. Pinoys are now getting more comfortable talking about it and they view this as a part of their lives. I’ve heard of some shops that recently opened in the Philippines, selling adult toys. FHM, a mens’ magazine is one of the biggest selling magazines in the Philippines. Does these depict or suggest the Pinoy’s changing views of sex?

There’s also this issue about Pinoys, whether young or old, immersing themselves in the internet’s information highway, chatrooms, groups and electronic mail. In here, they gather information (some even wrong) about sex, pregnancy and even sexual fantasies. The countless porn sites and websites with mature content continually feeds the surfer’s view on sex, to the point of either enriching the person, or degrading his views on sexuality. As Albert Einstein said, information is NOT knowledge.

The typical Filipina will shy away from discussions regarding sex especially if they are with strangers. Usually, they discuss these with their peers or friends who they can trust. Sometimes, thoughts and views on sex are read in anonymously-written blogs.

But as I said earlier, sexuality is now being viewed as part of the whole being of the person, without malice. This openness to sex , I think is an empowering tool for the Filipina. This knowledge they have on sex can be advantageous, that is, it can prevent other future problems. If Filipinas take advantage of the large amount of correct information in the net, they can use this to further educate themselves.

That is why I do not know why sex education in the Philippines is not implemented. As Horace said, knowledge without education is but armed injustice.


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The First Post

September 30, 2006 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

The Pinay Diary is my attempt on documenting my experiences in the Philippine urban jungle. Topics include anything under the sun. Some normal stuff… Like, you know, sex, relationships, being a single mom, current issues, my dismay over the political system…

Some openmindedness needed.

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